Small Animal Boarding

Give your animals the holiday they deserve!

To me it is so important knowing my furbabies are safe while I'm away, this allows me to actually enjoy the holiday rather than spending the whole time panicking if they're okay! 

All our guests are treated the exact way we would treat our own animals. Our prices include:

  • Daily Grooming & Cuddles

  • Daily fresh fruit and veg

  • Daily exercise in a secure 6ft run

  • Bedding

  • Spacious hutches

  • Constant access to enrichment

  • Updates on your pets as often as you'd like V.I.A WhatsApp.

  • Claw clipping at a reduced rate if requested. 

  • Ad lib hay

  • Daily cleaning

  • Administering medication (if required)

We ask our guests to arrive with their own food as small animals have very sensitive little tummies and we don't want to upset them!

All our animals are kept on carpet tiles to minimise risk of respiratory infections and to ensure maximum hutch hygiene. Their beds will be filled with soft bedding hay for them to snuggle up to at night as well as a litter tray filled with Aubiose. 


Unfortunately the UK weather can be very unpredictable! Rainy days will mean your little one can't go into their run, but we make sure we keep them busy in their large double story hutches so they won't get bored! In the winter months hutches have fully insulated covers and animals will be given extra bedding as well as a Snugglesafe heat pad to keep them nice and warm. During the summer months we give all the animals Scratch & Newton ice pods to keep them cool.


All rabbits are required to be fully vaccinated at least a month before arrival in order to stay with us. This includes:

  • Myxomatosis and RHD-1 (combined vaccination)

  • RHD-2

All ferrets must be fully vaccinated against Canine Distemper at least 3 weeks prior to their stay. 

Proof of vaccination from a vet will need to be seen by us before your stay; if this cannot be provided, we will be unable to accept your pets for boarding.

Small Furries

Hamsters, gerbils and other tiny animals are also welcome at The Micro Zoo! These are to be boarded in their own enclosures, we do offer collections if required.


A £10 deposit will be required on booking

Full payment is due on the arrival of your pet

Guinea Pigs, Rabbits & Ferrets 

£6 per night + £3 Per additional guest in the same hutch

Hamsters, Gerbils and other small furries 

£4 per night

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