Reptile and Amphibian Boarding

Reptile boarding is something we have thought long and hard about for quite some time! We have had our own scaley-babies for over 10 years and know first hand how stressed they can become with even slight changes. To overcome this, we have decided that it will be most beneficial for reptile and amphibian welfare, for them to be boarded with us in their own vivariums from home.


Reptile and amphibian boarding is £5 per night, this includes:

Dubia roaches (we do ask if you have a fussy baby who has a bug preference, that you bring your own) 

• Vitamin supplement powder

• Daily fresh salad (if applicable)

• Daily spot cleans

• Medication if required

• OF COURSE unlimited cuddles

*PLEASE NOTE* we do not promote the bathing of reptiles and will only do this when it has been recommended by a veterinarian. It has been disproven that reptiles soak up water through their cloaca and being in pools of water can increase the risk of scale rot. 

We have lots of advice to offer customers on the best way to transport your pets and their vivariums to us and do also offer a collection service for bigger vivariums at an extra cost. 

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