Animal Check Ins

As we do not offer boarding for cats, dogs or poultry, we offer an animal check in service! 

Animal check ins last around 45 minutes. We never put an exact time frame on this as we will leave when your animal is ready for us to, rather than sticking to a time and walking away when they’re having a great time! We also find a lot of our feline friends fall asleep half way into our visits! 

Our check in services are charged at £12 per visit or £20 for twice daily. During this time we can feed, fuss, play, brush, administer any required medication, reset automatic feeders and take your pups to the toilet or clean out your cats litter tray! 

Poultry check ins will consist of topping food and water up, egg collecting, health checking birds and any other daily duties required in the allocated time.

These check ins are fantastic for breaks away whilst keeping your cat in their own home - meaning you don't have to worry about catteries! 

For our dog friends, these visits are great for during the day whilst you’re at work, or having a long family day out! We do not recommend these visits for more than a night away for dogs as your pup requires a lot more human attention.

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